What to do in Corbett National Park?

There are so many activities to do in and around Corbett National Park. We are writing some of them; aprart from Corbett National Park so many time people need something want to do more interesting things with nature. One of our old pal Camping site near by Corbett Nation Park but they have really a different concept because they are not selling holiday packages but they are educating people how to live and survive with the nature. It's also like a educational cum confidence building tour package. 

One of the most convenient ways of viewing the wildlife at Corbett national park is the jungle safari or jeep safari. Jeep safari is the best means of safari to cover maximum area within the park in minimum amount of time. A government guide is compulsory while safari at Corbett national park. These government guides are registered with the Corbett park authorities and help the visitors to spot the wildlife and at the same time make sure that the visitors do not lose their way inside the forest. The maximum number of visitors allowed allowed in one jeep entering at Jim Corbett national park are 6 adults and 1 child between 6-12 years. In every zone of Corbett national park there are fixed tracks where jeeps can move. Driving off the track is not allowed for safety reasons. There are different safari routes at Corbett national park where visitors can visit. Names of the routes are as follows. 

Dhikala Jone- 50 kms from Ramnagar this part is most popular amongst all zones at Corbett national park. Ramganga river flows through this part of the park which is the reason to attract variety of wildlife including mammals, reptiles and birds. Visiting this zone by jeep requires mandatory overnight stay inside the Corbett National Park.

Jhirna (Corbett national park) - 35 kms from Ramnagar this zone is located on the edge of Corbett national park. This zone is also home to some of the very rarely seen animals like leopards and bears. There are many small ponds (Srotra) which are lifeline for the animals residing in this part of the park.
Bijrani (Corbett national park)- 9kms from Ramnagar this zone is becoming the most popular amongst the tourist visiting Corbett national park. The vegetation present is comparatively less dense as compared to other zones of Corbett national park and hence provides maximum chances of spotting wildlife. For those with time constraints, this route offers the shortest safari inside the National Park.
Time of Safari 
There are two safaris that can be taken in a day
Morning- from 6 A.M. to 10 A.M.
Evening- from 2 P.M. to 6 P.M.

Advance Booking of Safari at Corbett national park
There is a limit in the number of jeeps that can enter the Corbett national park in a day. Therefore we advice to plan the safaris in advance. Morning safari can be booked in advance. Evening safari cannot be booked in advance and has to be taken at the spot on first come first serve basis.
To make advance booking, names, age and gender of all persons is required. Also ID card number of any one member, per gypsy is required, who with ID card will accompany at the time of going to safari.
For Foreigners Name, age, gender, passport number and nationality are required for all the guests, visiting in one gypsy.
Elephant Safari - Corbett

For those who wish to view the wildlife from close quarters, the best way to explore the Corbett national park, is on the back of an elephant. Elephant ride is a unique experience for the visitors of Corbett national park. It can be adventurous at times and at times can be very peaceful. This ride of modern mammoth often provides amazing sightings getting deep into the jungle which can not be explored by other means of safaris. There are different elephant safari route permissions for visiting different zones.

Elephant Safari Routes at Corbett national park:
Bijrani – Offers the adventure and thrill of exploring dense jungles and you never know how close you might be to the king of the jungle.
Dhikala – Offers fair chance of viewing tiger and other wildlife from close quarters in the grass lands.
Time of elephant safari
There are two safaris that can be taken in a day
Morning- from 6 A.M. to 8 A.M.
Evening- from 3P.M. to 5 P.M.

Open Canter Safari - Corbett
The only option for a day visit to Dhikala zone of Corbett national park is by open bus safari also known as canter safari. Open bus safari is a 18 seater shared bus where seats are reserved for the visitors. One can board the open bus either at Corbett reception at Ramnagar or Dhangarhi gate the entry gate to Dhikala zone.
Time of canter Safari
There are two safaris that can be taken in a day
Morning- from 6 A.M. to 10 A.M.
Evening- from 02P.M. to 6 P.M.

4 Wheel Drive Safari - Sitabani,Bijrani,Hirna,Durgadevi
The ancient temple at Sitavani holds mythological importance for Hindus. It is believed to be the place where Sita spent her years in exile and raised her children. Other than that, the thick and enchanting forest is a safe haven for wild animals. Sitavani is not a part of Corbett national park but a reserve forest adjoining Corbett national park, But the beauty and richness of wildlife makes it a place to visit for the visitors of Corbett national park.

Horse Riding
A full day horse safari through thick reserve forests of Sal to Sitabani and back. Follow the footsteps of Jim Corbett who used this trail to Sitabani forest rest house regularly. Hot Lunch at the ancient Sitabani temple. Set deep in the forest, thistemple is where Sita from the epic Ramayana took refuge with her sons. Gallop on the soft tracks and enjoy the opportunity to stop and examine whatever catches your fancy. The horses will be especially brought from Nainital for your ride.

Night Safari
The Jungle never sleeps… so why waste the night. Night safari is not done inside the Corbett national park but on the road on the periphery of the national park. Night safari provides thrill to the visitors visiting the Corbett national park and at times provides very good sighting of wildlife as the animals are most active at nights. In night safari on bituminous roads one should also look out for reptiles like snakes or pythons which tend to rest on comparatively warmer bituminous roads.

Nature Hike
Nature Hike, the best way to experience the dense jungle around Corbett national park. It gives the feel how the villagers used to travel from one village to the other crossing dense jungles resting at water sources. There are many treks depending upon the difficulty level of the trek. Nature trek is allowed only at few areas and is restricted at most of the areas of the Corbett national park.
Man Vs Wild
A challenge of jungle for physical strength. A tug of war between elephant and 15 men. Come and test where we stand as far as physical strength goes. 

Rappelling/ River crossing/ Rock climbing
Enjoy the adventure activities like rappelling, river crossing, bridge fall and rock climbing. These activities are mostly arranged for group with strength above 15. The level of these activities are of that of beginners and all the safety measures are taken care of while performing these activities. They add on to the fun of staying at Corbett national park. 

Bird Watching
With more than 500 resident Species of Birds & over 1000 Including Migratory, Corbett is the paradise for bird watchers. Mixed vegetation including thick sal forest and grasslands are home to many Himalayan birds and also attracts many migratory birds most of them visiting the Corbett national park in winters. Bird watching is also done in buffer zone of Corbett national park where lots of birds nest near human settlement. Best time for bird watching at Corbett national park is from November to March.

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