Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park exceptionally breathtaking wildlife Reserve Park is named after the prominent hunter and wildlife enthusiast Jim Corbett who bestowed his entire life in saving wildlife and nature. The voyage to the Jim Corbett national Park takes you to the exotic landscape and gives you an opportunity to experience a wide variety of flora and fauna. Corbett boasts of 50 mammals, 580 variety of birds, 110 species of trees, and 33 species of wild cats. On the top of that the Corbett national park takes pride in housing some rare species of tiger. So get set for an open jeep safari or an Elephant safari to capture some rare moments in your life. other wildlife attraction of Corbett comprise of elephant, chital, nilgai, sambar, gharial, muntjac, wild boar, King Cobra, hedgehog, flying fox, Indian Pangolin and many more beautiful creatures of nature.You can also enjoy beautiful sounds of birds at the Corbett. There are over 500 birds here and almost double the number migrate to the Jungles of Corbett every year. Jim Corbett national park is a paradise for bird watchers. Every year thousand of wildlife lovers come to Corbett National park in search of Tiger and other natural world. Jim Corbett National Park brings a very exceptional opportunity for the people who love the nature and people who like to do adventures activities and wildlife safari at Corbett. You can get the Information on Corbett National ParkCorbett National Park Tourist Guide, How to reach Corbett National Park, Directory of hotels & resorts in Corbett National Park. Find best deals on Corbett National Park Hotels Booking with confirmed availability. Range of Budget, Star, Luxury, Resorts, Homestays. Corbett National Park india provides corbett hotels packages, hotels in Jim corbett national park, budget hotels in corbett hotels around corbett national park with personalize services and reasonable price with guaranteed value worth services. Get best deal for Corbett Tour Packages. 

Who was Jim Corbett?

Who was Jim Corbett and why is he still revered in the part of Uttarakhand known as India’s lake district?

In the early 1900s, villages in this largely mountainous and forested northern state of India lived in fear of man-eating tigers. Thousands of people were killed in the first half of the 20th century by wild cats. One animal alone, known as the Champawat Tiger, ravished over 400 locals. Jim Corbett was a self-taught tracker and hunter who had grown up in the hills and woods around Nainital. Son of a postmaster, he developed a deep bond with his surrounding environment as a boy. He became known as an expert slayer of dangerous animals. But he would only hunt down a tiger if it was a proven killer, and even then he remained sympathetic to the creatures.
Both Indians and the British colonial authorities would often write to Corbett, pleading his help to rid an area of a man-eating tiger or leopard. And Corbett would usually respond.
Jim Corbett killed more than 30 tigers and leopards in his lifetime, saving the lives of many more people. He wrote a book about his adventures, Man-eaters of Kumaon, and the oldest national park in India – which he helped set up – was named after him. Jim Corbett National Park is one of the few places you can see the endangered Bengal tiger. 
If you love adventure, wildlife or the environment, and you’re keen to explore Corbett country, there’s only one place to base yourself: 
"Jim Corbett was a pioneer conservationist and lectured at local schools and societies to stimulate awareness of the natural beauty surrounding local people and the need to conserve forests and their wildlife. He helped create the Association for the Preservation of Game in the United Provinces (now Uttar Pradesh), and the All-India Conference for the Preservation of Wild Life. He also established India’s first national park, which was inaugurated in 1934 in the Kumaon Hills. He also had a deep affection for the people of the Kumaon Hills, and was loved by many in the region. He is considered by some in the Kumoan region as a sadhu."

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What to do in Corbett National Park?

There are so many activities to do in and around Corbett National Park. We are writing some of them; aprart from Corbett National Park so many time people need something want to do more interesting things with nature. One of our old pal Camping site near by Corbett Nation Park but they have really a different concept because they are not selling holiday packages but they are educating people how to live and survive with the nature. It's also like a educational cum confidence building tour package. 

One of the most convenient ways of viewing the wildlife at Corbett national park is the jungle safari or jeep safari. Jeep safari is the best means of safari to cover maximum area within the park in minimum amount of time. A government guide is compulsory while safari at Corbett national park. These government guides are registered with the Corbett park authorities and help the visitors to spot the wildlife and at the same time make sure that the visitors do not lose their way inside the forest. The maximum number of visitors allowed allowed in one jeep entering at Jim Corbett national park are 6 adults and 1 child between 6-12 years. In every zone of Corbett national park there are fixed tracks where jeeps can move. Driving off the track is not allowed for safety reasons. There are different safari routes at Corbett national park where visitors can visit. Names of the routes are as follows. 

Dhikala Jone- 50 kms from Ramnagar this part is most popular amongst all zones at Corbett national park. Ramganga river flows through this part of the park which is the reason to attract variety of wildlife including mammals, reptiles and birds. Visiting this zone by jeep requires mandatory overnight stay inside the Corbett National Park.

Jhirna (Corbett national park) - 35 kms from Ramnagar this zone is located on the edge of Corbett national park. This zone is also home to some of the very rarely seen animals like leopards and bears. There are many small ponds (Srotra) which are lifeline for the animals residing in this part of the park.
Bijrani (Corbett national park)- 9kms from Ramnagar this zone is becoming the most popular amongst the tourist visiting Corbett national park. The vegetation present is comparatively less dense as compared to other zones of Corbett national park and hence provides maximum chances of spotting wildlife. For those with time constraints, this route offers the shortest safari inside the National Park.
Time of Safari 
There are two safaris that can be taken in a day
Morning- from 6 A.M. to 10 A.M.
Evening- from 2 P.M. to 6 P.M.

Advance Booking of Safari at Corbett national park
There is a limit in the number of jeeps that can enter the Corbett national park in a day. Therefore we advice to plan the safaris in advance. Morning safari can be booked in advance. Evening safari cannot be booked in advance and has to be taken at the spot on first come first serve basis.
To make advance booking, names, age and gender of all persons is required. Also ID card number of any one member, per gypsy is required, who with ID card will accompany at the time of going to safari.
For Foreigners Name, age, gender, passport number and nationality are required for all the guests, visiting in one gypsy.
Elephant Safari - Corbett

For those who wish to view the wildlife from close quarters, the best way to explore the Corbett national park, is on the back of an elephant. Elephant ride is a unique experience for the visitors of Corbett national park. It can be adventurous at times and at times can be very peaceful. This ride of modern mammoth often provides amazing sightings getting deep into the jungle which can not be explored by other means of safaris. There are different elephant safari route permissions for visiting different zones.

Elephant Safari Routes at Corbett national park:
Bijrani – Offers the adventure and thrill of exploring dense jungles and you never know how close you might be to the king of the jungle.
Dhikala – Offers fair chance of viewing tiger and other wildlife from close quarters in the grass lands.
Time of elephant safari
There are two safaris that can be taken in a day
Morning- from 6 A.M. to 8 A.M.
Evening- from 3P.M. to 5 P.M.

Open Canter Safari - Corbett
The only option for a day visit to Dhikala zone of Corbett national park is by open bus safari also known as canter safari. Open bus safari is a 18 seater shared bus where seats are reserved for the visitors. One can board the open bus either at Corbett reception at Ramnagar or Dhangarhi gate the entry gate to Dhikala zone.
Time of canter Safari
There are two safaris that can be taken in a day
Morning- from 6 A.M. to 10 A.M.
Evening- from 02P.M. to 6 P.M.

4 Wheel Drive Safari - Sitabani,Bijrani,Hirna,Durgadevi
The ancient temple at Sitavani holds mythological importance for Hindus. It is believed to be the place where Sita spent her years in exile and raised her children. Other than that, the thick and enchanting forest is a safe haven for wild animals. Sitavani is not a part of Corbett national park but a reserve forest adjoining Corbett national park, But the beauty and richness of wildlife makes it a place to visit for the visitors of Corbett national park.

Horse Riding
A full day horse safari through thick reserve forests of Sal to Sitabani and back. Follow the footsteps of Jim Corbett who used this trail to Sitabani forest rest house regularly. Hot Lunch at the ancient Sitabani temple. Set deep in the forest, thistemple is where Sita from the epic Ramayana took refuge with her sons. Gallop on the soft tracks and enjoy the opportunity to stop and examine whatever catches your fancy. The horses will be especially brought from Nainital for your ride.

Night Safari
The Jungle never sleeps… so why waste the night. Night safari is not done inside the Corbett national park but on the road on the periphery of the national park. Night safari provides thrill to the visitors visiting the Corbett national park and at times provides very good sighting of wildlife as the animals are most active at nights. In night safari on bituminous roads one should also look out for reptiles like snakes or pythons which tend to rest on comparatively warmer bituminous roads.

Nature Hike
Nature Hike, the best way to experience the dense jungle around Corbett national park. It gives the feel how the villagers used to travel from one village to the other crossing dense jungles resting at water sources. There are many treks depending upon the difficulty level of the trek. Nature trek is allowed only at few areas and is restricted at most of the areas of the Corbett national park.
Man Vs Wild
A challenge of jungle for physical strength. A tug of war between elephant and 15 men. Come and test where we stand as far as physical strength goes. 

Rappelling/ River crossing/ Rock climbing
Enjoy the adventure activities like rappelling, river crossing, bridge fall and rock climbing. These activities are mostly arranged for group with strength above 15. The level of these activities are of that of beginners and all the safety measures are taken care of while performing these activities. They add on to the fun of staying at Corbett national park. 

Bird Watching
With more than 500 resident Species of Birds & over 1000 Including Migratory, Corbett is the paradise for bird watchers. Mixed vegetation including thick sal forest and grasslands are home to many Himalayan birds and also attracts many migratory birds most of them visiting the Corbett national park in winters. Bird watching is also done in buffer zone of Corbett national park where lots of birds nest near human settlement. Best time for bird watching at Corbett national park is from November to March.

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How to reach Corbett National Park?

Corbett National Park and is easily accessible from Delhi by Road and Rail. Ramnagar is at a distance of roughly 250 kms from Delhi and even if you go easy on speed it should not take you more than 6 hours to reach the land of Tigers. If you are going first time to Corbett National Park and other destination in North India / Uttrakhand (Nainital - Ranikhet - Almora - Kausani - Corbett) area so plan you trip smartly because you can save your time and money through a good route map. We suggest to take a help of travel experts because they regularly deal in these routes and hotels.   

Corbett by Rail:
Nearest Railway Station: Ramnagar
Train: Ranikhet Express
Days of Run: All 7 days Class Available: 2A/C, and Sleeper
Book Tickets Online: http://www.irctc.co.in/

Note: Ranikhet Express leaves Delhi around 10 p.m. and reaches Ramnagar at 5 a.m. Make sure you request the hotel for station transfers. During winters its dark at that time and you might not get a cab/taxi.

Corbett by road from Delhi:From Delhi, take National Highway NH 24 for Moradabad via Hapur Bypass and Gajraula. Please DO NOT enter Moradabad City. Take right for Moradabad Bypass (Landmark: Hotel Best Western). Please note that Moradabad Bypass is a toll road. After crossing the Bypass, take LEFT U-turn for Kashipur and after 1-2 kms the road will take compulsory right turn. Follow the road upto Kashipur and keep going straight for Ramnagar. Once you are at Ramnagar, ask anyone for directions to your resort/hotel.

Note: Please note that uptill Moradabad bypass the traffic situation is pretty bad. I have heard stories of people getting stuck in traffic jams for 4 - 5 hours. Garh Mukteshwar is one area that gets flooded by people during Hindu festivals and it could prove to be a nightmare if you are travelling around that time. Unfortunately, all the alternate routes are as bad. I would recommend early morning travel, leaving Delhi at about 6 a.m. in the morning OR leave late in the night. Also please do not travel in the night during the "Kaavar" period. Those guys are nasty and occupy the road more than the tyres.

Stop overs:
1. Tadka Dhaba by Bhajan at BP Gas Station in Garaula serves good Dhaba food. Open 24 hrs.
2. Meriton in Gajraula is like Haldiram of Delhi. Serves Chaat papri, Chhole Bhaturay, Sandiwiches, Indian food, etc. Open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
3. 24 hrs restaurant at The Best Western Hotel on Gajraula Moradabad Highway serves very good food along with excellent desserts.

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How to book Corbett Safari?

Booking can be made at least 30 days in advance. There are restriction on number of vehicles which can enter in each zone and it is strictly followed. The numbers of vehicle restrictions are given below:
Restriction During Morning
Restrictions during Afternoon

Advance booking of Jeep Safariin Corbett National Park is available only for morning Safari's in Bijrani, Jhirna and Durgadevi Zones. The Booking is on first cum first serve basis and a non refundable advance need to be deposited with complete details of the person. For advance booking a photo id for Indian Nationals and Passport Details of Foreign Nationals is mandatory.

Driving License/ Voter Id / Pan card is required. One can send us the id number,date of birth, full name and gender, date of expiry of the ID for booking .While travelling the guest will have to carry the same ID.

Passport Number , Full Name & Gender, Date of Issue and expiry, date of Birth, Nationality is required for Advance Bookings of Morning jeep safari Advance booking Safari is can be done one month in advance. However it is advisable to place the application to the forest department the moment you decide about the safari for better chances of confirmation.

Colors of Uttrakhand 11 Nights / 12 Days

Colors of Uttrakhand because this is the mixture of the top tourist attractions in Uttrakhand. You will find the wildlife at Corbett, China Peak, Snow View, Lovers Point at Nainital, 360* great view of Himalayan range from Kausani of the natural, lively ghats at Haridwar with don’t miss evening arti, eco park at Dhaunalti and mall road at Mussoorie.   Find beauty of Uttrakhand and hidden natural treasures. This is one of the best way to feel Uttrakhand tour packages because you are going to stay in Himalaya’s. Enjoy one of the best part of Uttrakhandtour packages with us.   

Destination Covered: Delhi – Nanital (2N) – Lake Tour – Kausani (2N) - Corbett National Park (2N) – Haridwar (2 N) Mussoorie (3 N) - Delhi 

Day 1: Delhi – Nainital (310kms/8hrs) – Pickup from Delhi Railway Station/Airport, drive to Nainital. Check in Hotel. Enjoy evening by boat ride at Naini Lake (at your own). Overnight stay Nainital.

Day 2: Nainital (Local Sight Seeing) - After breakfast drive for lake tour of Bhim Tal, Sat Tal, Naukuchia Tal. Drive back to Hotel, overnight stay Nainital.

Day 3: Nainital - Kausani (120kms/5hrs) - After breakfast, drive to Kausani via Almora. Kausani is ideal for those who seek to escape from the din and dust, hustle and bustle of big cities and wish to spend a quiet holiday in the lap of nature. Check in Hotel. After fresh up visit Sun set at View Point, Gandhi Ji Ashram. Overnight stay Kausani.

Day 4: Kausani - Day at Leisure or visit local sightseeing i.e. Baijnath & Bageshwar. Overnight stay Kausani.
Day 5: Kausani – Corbett National Park (190km/6hrs) – After breakfast, drive from Kasauni to Corbett National Park enroute visiting Ranikhet. Sightseeing of places in and around Ranikhet like Hairakhan Temple, Chaubatia and Bhaludam etc. later drive to Corbett National Park. Dinner at Hotel. Overnight stay Corbett.

Day 6: Corbett National Park, home to a variety of flora and fauna, it is famous for its wild population of Tigers, Leopards and Elephants. Early morning wakeup call and we will take you for the Corbett National Park wildlife safari, our 4WD Jeeps will take you inside the Corbett National park for the search of king of jungle (TIGERS) and other wild animals, After lunch get ready for local sightseeing of Garjia temple, Corbett museum, evening free for Elephant Safari / leisure. Overnight stay Corbett.

Day 07: Corbett – Haridwar (175 kms / 6 h)
After breakfast drive to Haridwar. Haridwar is a holy city near bank of Ganga. In Hindi, Haridwar stands for Dwar of Hari or Gateway to God with 'Hari' meaning god and 'dwar' meaning gate. Haridwar is regarded as one of the seven holiest places to Hindus.Evening Arti at Har ki Pauri Ghat. Evening Arti at Har ki Pauri Ghat.Dinner and overnight stay at Haridwar.

Day 08: Haridwar Sightseeing
After breakfast, full day sightseeing of local ghats, temple, bazar, Mansadevi temple by rope way (at your own) and evening free for own activities. Overnight stay at Haridwar.

Day 09: Haridwar - Rishikesh – Mussoorie (80 kms / 2 h)
After breakfast, depart for Rishikesh, visit the famous Ram Jhula and Laxman Jhula along with many Ashrams and temples in the vicinity or if you like to learn the art of Yoga near bank of Ganga (at your own). Later drive to Musoorie. Mussoorie is about 80 kms from Rishikesh and 30 km from Dehradun. This hill station, situated in the foothills of the Himalaya ranges, is also known as the Queen of Hill Stations, Being at an average altitude of 2,000 meters (6,600 ft), Mussoorie, with its green hills and varied flora and fauna, is a fascinating hill resort. Commanding snow ranges to the North-East, and glittering views of the Doon Valley. Overnight Mussoorie.
Day 10: After breakfast, proceed for local sightseeing to Kempty falls, Mussoorie Lake, Camel’s back, Rope Way, Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration. Overnight stay at Mussoorie.

Day 11: Mussoorie - Dhanaulti
After breakfast, proceed for an excursion trip to Dhanaulti, Mata Surkanda Devi Temple and Dhanault Eco Park – amazing place for the nature lovers. Don’t forget to take a walk in this park. Dhanaulti, a dreamy, misty mountain retreat in the Garhwal Hills, makes a wonderful holiday getaway. This all-weather favourite is just a couple of hours drive away from Dehradun and has a serene beauty that will bowl you over. Compared to the boisterous town of neighbouring Mussoorie and the throngs that mill around the Mall, Dhanaulti is blissfully secluded. Dinner and overnight stay at hotel in Mussoorie.

Day 12: Departure Mussoorie (290 kms / 7 h)
After breakfast departure for Delhi (290 kms/7 hours)
with the happy memories of colors of Uttrakhand tour package. Drop at New Delhi railway station / airport.

Tour & Services End. 

Package Includes:
All Taxes.
Daily Breakfast & Dinner.
Transport as per your tour plan.
All pick up, drop and sightseeing as per the itinerary
Welcome drink on arrival at hotel.
Fuel, parking, toll taxes, interstate taxes and driver allowances.
Hotel accommodation on double sharing basis.

Package does not includes:
Any other services note mentioned above.
Corbett Jeep Safari.
Any expenses of personal nature like telephone calls, laundry bill etc.
Any fare (rail fare, air fare, lunches, portage, guides, and entrance fees to places of visit).

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History of Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park has captured the imagination of many with its diverse wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. 1936 Corbett attained the distinction as the first national park to be established in mainland Asia.

Corbett National Park lies in two districts – Nainital and Pauri – in the hill state of Uttarakhand in northern India. It covers an area of 521 sq. km and together with the neighbouring Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary and 
Reserve Forest areas, forms the Corbett Tiger Reserve over 1288 sq. km.

Its geographical location between the Himalayas and the Tarai, and the streams, rivers and ridges crisscrossing the terrain, present Corbett with a remarkable variety of landscapes. This vivid mosaic of habitats – wet and dry, plain and mountainous, gentle and rugged, forests and grasslands – supports numerous plant and animal species, representing Himalayan as well as plains kinds. The most famous of Corbett’s wild residents are the Bengal Tiger and the Asiatic Elephant, but with about 600 species of avifauna Corbett is one of the richest bird regions of India.

Corbett isn’t just about Nature. It is also a rich treasure of history and cultural heritage. The park has a long tradition of conservation. The fact that it is the oldest National Park of the Asia and India’s first Tiger Reserve itself symbolises that Corbett is a pioneer in efforts at preserving our natural heritage.

The great naturalist cum writer Jim Corbett does not needs introduction. His writings have fascinated generations of wildlife enthusiasts and he still commands no less appeal nowadays. The areas in and around the present day Corbett National Park were the stage for his exciting adventures in wilderness. Most of his man-eater hunting expeditions also took place in the same areas. Jim Corbett lived in Kaladhungi, where his house has been made into a Museum dedicated to his life and times. Besides being located at a bio-geographic confluence, Corbett National Park is situated at the junction of two distinct hill regions of Uttaranchal – Garhwal and Kumaon. Hence, the Park represents a synthesis of cultures of both these mountain areas.

Total Area of the Corbett Park: 1,288.32 sq. km
Corbett National Park : 520.82 sq. km
Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary 301.18 sq. km

Reserve Forest at the Corbett Park: 466.32 sq. km 
Altitude of the Corbett Park: 400 mt. - 1200 mt. 


Every year Bijarani zone get operational from Mid of October and The core area of the national park Dhikala zone get operational from 15th of Nov. The main reason for closure of the Bijarani and Dhikala zone during the rest of the year is that during the monsoons most of the roads get washed away. Repair work starts after the rains end and it is only by October to November that roads to Bijarani and Dhikala are back in motorable condition. Corbett National Park remains open throughout the year for the visitors from Jhrina zone.
Seasons: There are three well defined seasons
Winter: November to February
Summer: March to June
Monsoon: July to October
However Corbett National Park remains open throughout the year for the visitors from Jhrina zone but the best time to visit Corbett is from 15th November to 15th June because during this period of time all the tourism zones of Corbett are open for visitors and one can visit the entire national park area.

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